Bobby Schaeffer

I purchased the Ultimate Power Golf Swing package based on an ad I saw in Golf Digest about three weeks ago. I believe the instruction is excellent, and being an engineer, I completely understand when Bobby talks about power and momentum. I am a new golfer (just started playing) and absolutely love the game. I have taken a group of lessons from the pro at the club I belong to, and would you believe he taught me nothing about impact position or swing plane or using a pivot for power!! Of course without proper instruction, I am basically an "arm" swinger. Getting my body to change for a full swing is difficult for me. But one thing I have improved greatly with this tape is chipping and pitching. I now spend several hours each week working on the proper impact position and believe me, I have improved this part of my game.
John E. Gilmore, Kenner, LA

I am writing to you to thank you for Bobby Schaeffer's Hot Touch Putting System. In my note to you dated April 12, I described my golfing partner's disbelief in some of the 40-foot putts I have been holing in the last month or two. What has happened since is even more amazing: Three, 40 foot or longer putts in a row, nine holes of golf - nine putts, eighteen holes of golf - eighteen putts. Actually two 2 putts, 14 one putts, including seven sandies, and two 40 foot putts from the fringe. I have played more than 300 rounds of golf per year for twenty-five years, and have never experienced the kind of results this simple tape has given me. I am 64 years old and play to a 9.6 index. Thank you again.
Henry Weingard, Boca Raton, FL

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Brad Peterson

"Brad entered his first Long Drive Competition with a driver I made for him. This skinny guy can generate some incredible club head speed and hit the ball a "ton". Brad can literally crush the golf ball, he's the longest hitter I've seen in 10 years of making clubs."
M. Charles, Club Maker

"I've had lessons from many different pros - yet none have turned my swing around quicker than Brad. His teaching methods are very subtle, easy and produce results fast! Now hitting 280-yd drives with pinpoint accuracy, feels so natural!"
C. Nelson, Central California

"Brad knows how to "tweak" your swing just right, instantly! His simple changes are incredibly easy for hitting longer and straighter. I've added a smooth 30-yards to my drives - with an occasional tee shot well over 300-yards. My handicap has dropped 9 strokes in a few short months, to a single-digit, I'm a much different golfer, thanks to Brad!"
P.M., Holman, CA

"I recently purchased Brad Peterson's Drop & Pop long drive tape and experienced following results after hitting 20 range balls before heading to the golf course:
" Average Drive 254 yards on wet soggy fairway - Longest 263 yards - all carry!
" 7 iron yardage 160 yards
" Wedge yardage 120 yards
My golfing partners were stunned. They could no believe their eyes. They checked my golf balls to see if I was playing with illegal golf balls. I have finally after 15 years of searching for more distance found a technique that works for me!"
Dennis McFadden, Hillsboro, OR

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Darrell Klassen

I am happy to report that Darrell Klassen's "Short Game" video has been a great help to me. My confidence at chipping is way up there. I like the way Darrell not only shows you but tells you why. Great Stuff!
Joseph Price, Lakewood, CA 90712

I received the Klassen tape about ten days ago. On November 2nd I shot a 77 (par 72 course). This was the lowest score I have shot since I was 25 years old. I am now 64. I was actually one over par going into the 16th hole. I also feel much more relaxed over the ball and confidant that my swing will repeat and result in a good shot. I now feel I will be able to turn on more power with consistency. In conclusion, BEST TAPE I HAVE EVER SEEN! KUDOS TO KLASSEN!
Stan DeLapp, Beaverton, OR

I have been watching "How to Cure Your Slice" and been to the practice range to apply the "cure". I want you to know this is the best lesson that I have had. If you are going to have any more tapes with Darrell Klassen, I would definitely be in the market to purchase them. In the meantime, I need to keep watching the tape, I pick up something new every time I watch."
Ron Hinson, Clinton, MS

Darrell Klassen has given me the confidence in swinging my driver so that there is no fear on the tee. With little effort I can consistently hit drives 250 plus yards. Occasionally I hit drives that exceed 280 yards. While on vacation in Hawaii, I corked drives 300 plus yards, and if that isn't fun, I don't know what is.
Rick Evans, Clovis, CA

Darrell Klassen's methods of teaching the golf swing have resulted in bringing me from a non-golf three years ago to driving the ball sometimes as far as 240 yards! My husband tells me that he has seen men on adjacent holes watch me hit and express amazement at the distance of my ball flight. My average drive is 220 to 230 yards, and thanks to Darrell, I almost always keep it down the middle!
Elizabeth Evans, Clovis, CA

First I would like to thank Mr. Darrell Klassen for his videos. I recently purchased his Hit it Longer & Straighter, Short Game, and Putting videos. After over a month of practicing with them, my scores dropped. I'm a third year golfer and only get to play two times a week, and thanks to Darrell's videos I'm now shooting mid 70's with my best round at 74. I thank you OHP for your efforts and Mr. Klassen for simple explanations on how the golf swing works. And one more thought, I never had take any lessons prior to purchasing the videos. Once again, thanks OHP for making Mr. Klassen's lessons available to us up here in Canada. Keep up the good work.
Hadi Hajjar, Ontario, Canada

I wanted to thank Darrell Klassen for taking my golf game to the next level. His motto is "Golf is an easy game", and the way he teaches it makes it an easy game. I have been looking for answers for my game for 10 long years and he helped me in just the time it took to watch his video tapes. To me he is the best kept secret in golf. To Darrell Klassen I would like to say thank you.
Joseph LaRocca, East Meadow, NY

What used to be a difficult 7 iron from 150 yards is now an effortless 8 iron after learning the secrets to power in the golf swing. The power is in everyone of us. Darryl teaches you ow to unleash it! My golf swing takes less effort, but produces more distance with the use of power secrets. Distance is no longer a concern in my game. I can focus on other aspects, now that I know power golf.
David J. Butuk, M.D., Visalia, CA

First let me state that I've been playing golf for over 25 years and currently carry a 7 handicap. However, I have always been the shortest hitter in my group. I have read dozens of books and magazines and even took lessons trying to improve my distance. Then I ordered and viewed Mr. Klassen's video. For the first time in 25 years, I finally understood what release is and how to release the club into the ball. Almost immediately, I started hitting the ball further and with practice I am now one of the longest hitters in my group. I can't thank Mr. Klassen and OHP enough for what I consider the secret to hitting a golf ball longer and straighter. Once again, thank you for what I consider one of the best investments in golf that I ever made.
Joe Rincione, Reston, VA

After watching this "Longer and Straighter" video, several times, I went out to my golf country club and started hitting 260-yard drives, an increase of about 40 yards from my old swing. I also hit very long straight shots with my fairway woods. My iron shots went dead straight and I added about 10 or 12 yards with every iron in my bag.
I am so pleased to have purchased this video which has enabled me to fully understand how the golf swing really works. Golf is indeed an easy game when you have a great instructor, Darrell Klassen. Thank you for making me a very happy golfer.
John Gotjamanos, Western Australia

I received Darrell Klassen's Hitting It Longer & Straighter. I have numerous lessons over the years and this is the first time I heard any pro explain what release exactly is and how to perform it. I have hit some balls, getting a little cold up here now, but have seen a big improvement on the flight of the golf ball, straighter being the biggest. I will continue to work on his methods and hopefully get down south this winter to play some. Golf.
Alan Daupinee, Windsor, NS, Canada

Just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed and benefited from Darrell Klassen's video, "Hitting It Longer & Straighter". As a result I had my best ball striking and scoring round this past week. Only 9 holes, but one under par. This makes me very happy since I am recovering from eye surgery.
John Slocum, Hagerstown, MD

I just wanted to inform you of the amazing success that I've had from watching Darrell Klassen's 5 Simple Steps videos. I played a round of 9,. I probably shouldn't have since I haven't even swung a club since last December. But, what happened was unbelievable! If this is any indication of what the rest of the year is going to be like, I can't wait! I hit the ball straighter and with more authority than I can remember. I played a great round! If it hadn't been for poor green conditions, and some short game gaffes, I would have been under par! That is amazing, especially since this is my first time out!
Russ Hewitt, Haslett, MI

I am 87 years old and you would not believe what I got out of this tape. I work with this swing everyday, I watch the tape everyday, and I go out to the driving range once a week. I wish I could meet Darrell so that he could see me swing the club. I hit the hell out of the ball even with the driver. Can't wait to get out and play a round.
Mitch Bandur, Palo Alto, CA

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Greg Mchatton

Jim Petralia, Coach of Ryder Cup Team Member, Steve Pate, two time So Cal teacher of the year: "Gregg has turned research into a way in which golfers can perform at their very best. His teaching is backed up by very strong science."
Jim Petralia Rancho Santa Margargarita, CA

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John Darling

John Darling's video provides additional important dimensions to the techniques presented in Bobby Schaeffer's 5 Secrets of Big Drives. One is the square position of the right foot at the address aspect of setting up the drive. The most significant point to me, however, is John's description and demonstration that the back swing is a large arc whereas the downswing is a short arc. From these two videos I have lengthened my drives thirty, even forty yards-possibly more than that. Now I hit 240-265 yard tees shots consistently and straight. Now that's not bad for a 150 pound seventy year old fellow. These videos are worth their price and I must add that I have also purchased all of Bobby's video instruction tapes and believe them to be equally valuable.
Dr. Edward Jew, Jr., Saint Clair, PA

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OHP Direct

I am a 21 handicapper, recently bought both videos of Bobby Schaeffer (Ultimate Power Swing) and Milt Wallace (Triple Coil Swing & Short Game Lessons).

Fortnight after, I consistently cut 10 strokes (each round) than before, I get back the fun of playing golf again. My friends kept on asking me whether I secretly took any lesson. I told them about OHP regretly, but I don't mind to share GOOD things with others.

Thank you for OHP Training & all tutors who pay their effort & share all good experience & technique to us.
William Choy, Hong Kong

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