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“In my opinion this is the best instructional golf video that has ever been produced!
After watching this video several times I went out to my golf country club and started hitting 260 yard drives, an increase of about 40 yards from my old swing. I also hit very long straight shots with my fairway woods. My irons shots went dead straight and I added about 10 or 12 yards with every iron in my bag.
Golf is indeed an easy game when you have a great instructor, Darrell Klassen showing you how to hit pure golf shots.

~ John Gotjamanos, Western Australia.

Dear Fellow Golf Nut:

If you're interested in improving your game this season, then listen up.

It's time you took advantage of the hottest deal in golf – that’s going on right NOW.

It’s $206 worth of golf freebies.

I’ll tell you all about in a second.

First… here’s what’s happening:

Do you think golf is an easy game?

Darrell Klassen sure does… and he's been proving it for most of his life, using some professional tricks, (unknown by most all amateurs), that allowed have him to zoom into the top ranks of the "underground" professional golfing world…

…and stay on top even as his body deteriorated into a complete mess.

What's more, he's now ready to teach you everything he knows.

It's a fascinating story worth finding out about, if you love golf.

Darrell, you see, has officially earned the rank of “elderly”, easily seventy pounds overweight, so nearsighted his glasses look like Coke bottle bottoms…

…and he has advanced osteo-arthritis so serious the doctors want to replace his knees with slabs of plastic right NOW. (Darrell wants to wait another five years, though the pain is getting Gothic.)

You hurt just watching him hobble up to the tee, and wonder…

"How The Heck Is This Poor
Old Pathetic Guy Gonna Swing
A Golf Club?"

Certainly the PGA pros Darrell has regularly played against used to ask that question.
But not anymore.

Because Darrell simply gazes down the fairway, settles in for his swing… and then blasts another gorgeous 250-yard drive that sails straight down the middle.

And he does it again on the next tee… and the next… and the next.

All the way back to the clubhouse, where he finally gets to sit his fat bulk down and rest his ravaged knees.

Darrell is the hero of all older, less-than-athletic golfers everywhere.

Like Dr Bert A. Glass, who wrote me this:

“I am 78 years old and have been playing golf for about 55 years. I have been so discouraged with my game that I have been on the verge of giving up the game.

I ordered Klassen’s video out of desperation,

I guess that it is easier for me to relate to Mr. Klassen than it is for me to relate to the swing of the “flat bellies” with the beautiful reverse C swings that we see in most instructional videos, but I also feel that this man has the ability to say things that are easy to understand and fairly easy even for an old man with a lot of
arthritic joints like me to do.

I am not saying that I am now slamming my drives out three hundred yards, but I am now hitting my woods and irons a lot longer and straighter than I have for months. I am not embarrassed to play with my regular group anymore. Thank you Darrell!”

~ Bert A. Glass, M.D.

Is Darrell some kind of superman?

Nope. He spent his youth hitting a thousand golf balls a day, studying each and every shot until he understood how to drive for distance.

And he discovered the secret to hitting long, straight drives that go exactly where you want them to.

Back then, he was using an ancient persimmon-head MacGregor driver, and hitting those sloppy rubber-band wound, liquid core balata balls that were so uneven and so fragile they would slice open even with a perfectly-hit 3-wood. (Remember?)

Even so, with his insider knowledge, Darrell was hitting drives well over 300 yards!

Which explains why Darrell thinks that golf really IS an easy game… once you know some key techniques.

Like Joe Rincione, who wrote me:

“I’ve been playing golf for over 25 years and currently carry a 7 handicap. However, I have always been the shortest hitter in my group. I have read dozens of book and magazines and even took lessons trying to improve my distance. Then I ordered and viewed Mr. Klassen’s video. For the first time in 25 years I finally understood what release is and how to release the club into the ball. Almost immediately I started hitting the ball further and with practice I am now one of the longest hitters in my group.

I can’t thank Mr. Klassen and OHP enough for what I consider
the secret to hitting a golf ball longer and straighter.

Once again thank you for, what I consider
one of the best investments in golf that I ever made.”

~ Joe Rincione, Reston, VA.

Darrell immediately became a professional golfer. Not a "tour" golfer… his marriage would have never withstood the separations being on the Tour required.

Instead, he stayed close to home in California and took on all comers.

You want to feel some pressure on the tee? Try having your reputation on the line playing against scratch golfers.

That's serious "must win" pressure.

And, that's confidence.

Up to now, Darrell has jealously guarded exactly HOW he was doing it -- sharing it only with friends – until NOW.

And here’s the good part… the part where you discover what Darrell knows – along with your $206 of golf freebies.

The freebies are a full collection of Darrell’s most treasured secrets – stuff that’ll help improve your complete game -- from tee-shots all the way to knowing how to drain long difficult putts.

Like he says… golf really can be easy, once you know what you’re doing.

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So let’s dig into all the stuff that’s in this big package.

First is Darrell’s “Longer and Straighter” DVD lesson.

In this DVD — which is only about 40 minutes long (the same length as Darrell's famous personal private lesson), you will learn:

  • A simple 3-swing drill that will help you add power to your swing… thus increasing the raw distance of your tee shots.
  • The correct way to use your legs as you swing… which better "nails down" your accuracy. (Just think how much fun you'll have hitting more fairways in regulation… instead of playing from under the trees!)
  • The simple little tip that will help insure that your clubhead is in proper position upon impact with the ball.
  • And… the amazing "follow through" technique that is the foundation “secret” to getting longer, straighter drives.

"After watching the DVD, I went to the driving range and was hitting my drives so solid I couldn’t believe it. Not only was the ball taking off like a torpedo, but the sound coming off the club face was incredible. I am not a long ball hitter but the trajectory and ball flight (draw) even surprised me.
A man and his friends were hitting balls 3 tees away. When I finally did notice they were watching, I said “hello” and introduced myself. The man introduced himself and his friends and then asked me if I was a pro. Dr. O’Leary, you cannot imagine how this made me feel!"

~ Bruce Winstead.

Next is Darrell’s world-famous “Power Point” DVD package.

This is the “next level” a little more advanced than “Longer and Straighter”, but it’s the SAME lesson plan that Darrell’s been teaching to students for $250 an hour.

And man… has this changed their game. Like…

"I am 87 years golf and you would not believe what I got out of this DVD. I work with this swing everyday, I watch the tape everyday, and I go out to the driving range once a week. I wish I could meet Darrell so that he could see me swing the club. I hit the hell out of the ball even with the driver. "

~ Mitch Bandur, Palo Alto, CA.

But you don't have to travel across the country or around the world and shell out $250 an hour.

Nope. Because we dragged Darrell out to a local course and had him teach his amazing lessons with cameras rolling.
This will be just like you're standing there -- taking a lesson from him personally.

You'll discover his "two-steps" to more powerful, accurate drives.

PLUS, you'll also receive his "Trouble Shots, Chip Shots" DVD where he'll teach you EXACTLY what to do when facing hardpan the consistency of granite... simple short-game drills (using a standard kitchen chair)...

...how to use just ONE wedge to pull off amazing "flop shots"... stop-on-a-dime chip shots so accurate it'll bring tears to your eyes... and a lot more.

"I just wanted to inform you of the amazing success that I’ve had from watching Darrell Klassen’s videos.

I hit the ball straighter and with more authority than I can remember. I played a great round! If it hadn’t been for poor green conditions, and some short game gaffes, I would have been under par! That is amazing, especially since this is my first time out!

I am looking forward to more fun this year than I’ve ever had on the golf course!"

~ Russ Hewitt.

Next is Darrell's “Short Game” DVD package.

Look… it seems that most amateurs could care less whether they shoot 90 or 190, as long as they can launch towering drives just like Dustin Johnson.

With the first two DVD packages you will indeed learn the steps to hitting longer and straighter drives.

Yes, it's fun and all... but really, it's NOT the most important part of your game.

Nope. It's about the short game -- that critical area that begins about 50 yards from the pin and ends when you pull out your putter.

The short game isn't as glamorous as a 300-yard howitzer-shot drive... but (as all the successful professionals know) it's...

The Key To Shooting Close To Par
And Looking Like A Real Golfer!

Here’s where you can learn a lot of the tricks and tactics of a top-level short game. And that means you'll finally learn how to...

  • Place your ball close to the pin from 50 yards out!
  • Stop "scooping" your chips and pitches (like most high-handicap golfers do) and start nailing short shots with more precision using a pro "cut motion" that forces your ball to land softly!
  • And... you will finally understand your sand wedge, pitching wedge, and 8-iron -- the three clubs the pro's rely on for a solid short game!

The plain truth is, you could miss most fairways off the tee and screw up half your putts and STILL be able to compete -- just by having a solid short game!

And... if you're driving and putting well, you'll bring your buddies to their knees.

““Darrell Klassen has given me the confidence in swinging my driver so that there is no fear on the tee. With little effort I can consistently hit drives 250 plus yards. Occasionally I hit drives that exceed 280 yards. While on vacation in Hawaii, I corked drives 300 plus yards, and if that isn’t fun, I don’t know what is.”.”

~ Rick Evans, Clovis, CA.

And that's what golf is all about. Playing at the top of your ability, and looking good doing it.

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Hold on… there’s MORE.

Next on this long List is Darrell’s “Precision Putting” package.

Because if you’re shooting 106 now... and you knock 10 strokes off your score by two-putting every hole that you’re three-putting now... you’ve just broken 100 -- without all the time, frustration, and expense of trying to improve your drives!

Fact is, good putting is what separates the men from the boys!

Let’s face it: The pro’s who know how to putt are the ones who win the TOP money. As the saying goes, "You drive for show, but you putt for dough."

A pro will spend most of his practice time on the putting green -- NOT the driving range! (But for most handicap golfers, it’s the other way around.)

Well, I think I know the reason we all ignore our putting game...

Nobody's ever really taught us
how to putt PROPERLY!

Well, that’s about to change.

Let me give you some "hints" about what you’re going to learn from Darrell’s “Precision Putting” package -- and how much better your putting will get:

  • A drill most people scoff at -- yet it improves your ACCURACY and your CONFIDENCE!
  • A SUPER-CRITICAL ERROR that the so-called "experts" are teaching everyone. It DOOMS you to a lifetime of failure and missed putts!
  • The #1 mistake most handicap golfers make when putting. (This single flaw may be why your scoring double bogie’s!)
  • A BIG practice error you’ve been told was the "right" thing to do. STOP IT IMMEDIATELY! Darrell shows you what to do instead.
  • The amazing "40-centimeter cure" for missed putts. Do this every time you practice, and you’ll soon sink a LOT more putts!
  • The KEY to accuracy -- even when nothing else is working right!
  • How to get your body into the best physical position for seeing the line of the putt.
  • A brilliant drill that will "program" your brain and your body -- and give you a tremendous "feel" for putting. (If you ask me, this drill alone is worth the entire price of the DVD!)
  • An amazing secret that will enable you to play every green as if it were a flat, level surface -- even when it’s NOT!

I could tell you more, but I won’t. Instead, I will go straight into your next DVD package…

Darrell’s “Five Easy Lessons”.

This is our company’s international best-seller. It’s a quick lesson that you'll zoom through it in about the time it takes to watch a couple of Seinfeld episodes.

It's fun, too. It's the best time I've spent since my wedding night.

With this new DVD package of Darrell's... you'll have our most sought-after lessons at your fingertips. You will OWN it.

It's practically like having Darrell come over and stay with you for an afternoon, to teach you all his best secrets.

(A pretty amazing image, when you understand that Darrell never leaves his home town anymore for anything. Everyone — even the famous pro's who seek his advice — has to come to him.)

Here's just a taste of what you're about to load into your new super-confident self:

  • How to put pro-level SPIN on your pitches and chips. Your ball will climb higher, stop faster, and allow you to drop shots with greater precision.
  • Simple grip adjustments that will provide you much better control over your longer shots. (Some guys spend thousands of dollars on lessons trying to fix this problem).
  • Quick way to perfect your chip shots — while simply fooling around in your warm living room with a wedge. (No danger of breaking furniture, either.) Drop the number of skulled, thin or fat shots around the green.
  • The famous "laundry basket drill" that will turn your swing into something GORGEOUS. Your buddies will be ashamed to tee off after you.
  • Boost your swing speed with a nifty "snap finish" move that makes you deadly within 60 yards of the pin.

And a ton more.

Even when Darrell PROVES to new students that golf can be such an easy game... they have a hard time fitting that news into their head.

Most golfers will never learn the secrets Darrell has to offer. You're lucky — you're on our "Hot List" – which give you access to stuff that others can’t.

So here's the deal: You’ll receive FIVE big DVD packages together in what I’m calling "Darrell Klassen's Special Signature Series Offer”.

Don't panic — it's a lot faster (and cheaper) than flying out to Woodlake, California to take private lessons with Darrel.
And it's such fun, you'll actually wish there were more DVDs to watch.

You can check it out risk-free, too. Because you get a no-nonsense, no-strings-attached 6 Month 100% Money Back No-Risk Guarantee.

That's twice the standard OHP guarantee.

And it means you can order the DVDs as part of this special deal (for my hotlist golfers only), and take until the next season to see if they meet your expectations.

If you're unhappy, for any reason at all, simply return them for a fast refund of every penny. No questions asked. No hassles. And we'll still be friends.

How much is this amazing lesson plan? Glad you asked.

If you flew out to California for a private lesson with Darrell to learn all this, you would have to shell out almost a thousand dollars up front.

Plus pick up your own airfare, hotel, meals and car. Imagine how much people have dropped coming in from overseas... JUST for this lesson.

That's the beauty of this instruction. You get the SAME lesson... $305 worth of instruction (almost 5 hours of lessons), for less than you'd pay for a single round of golf at most country clubs.

And you get to watch it in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace, on your own schedule. Heaven.

There is one catch to this offer: My accountant is a real scrooge and is harping on me not to "expose" my finances for long on this. So I cannot guarantee that this deal will be around for long.

So... to take advantage of this super-generous (and risk-free) offer...

Here’s what you need to do now: To order on-line click below:

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You can use your credit card!

The price for this life-changing DVD package is just $99 (plus $7 for shipping and handling)…probably the best darn bargain you’ll ever see in your golfing life. (Private lessons cost upwards of $50 to $150 each…and you don’t get the whole story in a single lesson.

This full package – almost FIVE hours of rock-solid instruction -- contains a LOT of information.

It’s one of the best deals, dollar for dollar, you could ever hope for! And like I said, on top of that I am offering a full 6-month money-back guarantee. No stress, no hassles, no waiting.

Or, if you just plain don’t like ordering on-line, just call my office at:

(Ask for Dept. DKS-605)

Tell one of my friendly operators (they’re available for you 24-hours a day) you want "Darrell Klassen's Special Signature Series Offer”. (They’ll ask for this code: DKS-300.

That’s so no one outside my private list gets in on this great deal.)

If you’d rather pay with a check or money order (payable to OHP) and mail your payment to: OHP Direct, Department DKS-605, 606 E Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

I've already told the girls to expect your call. We've got packages ready to ship.

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I always try to treat my customers the way I wish companies would treat me (and never do).

You're the boss. Your word is gold around here — if you want a refund, you get a refund, no questions asked.

I know these "insider" lessons are not for everybody. Some guys don't really WANT to get too good, too fast. It can be scary, sometimes.

But I think you'll love it.

Can't you just taste the warm air of Spring already?

It will be so good to play without a sweater, to feel the sun on your arms, to hear the crisp zing as you pull a club out of your bag and walk across lush grass to play your ball.

God, I love golf.

And... it's just so much MORE FUN when you play well.

Here's your chance to make this year your best ever!

So order now.


Mike O'Leary

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P.S. Quick recap. Click on the "Add To Cart" now and I'll rush you Darrell Klassen's:

1. "Longer and Straighter" – Darrell’s secrets to longer, more gorgeous drives. Normal retail price is $69.

2. "Power Point" -- a more advanced lesson to building more consistency and power in your drives. Normal retail price is $69.

3. "Short Game" -- to dial in your "money zone" game, where this game is won and lost. Normal retail price is $49.

4. "Precision Putting" -- the best way to slash serious strokes off your next round. Normal retail price is $49.

5. "Five Easy Lessons" -- to quickly transform you into a well-rounded hot-shot golfer that will stun and amaze your buddies, (they won't know WHAT got into you). Normal retail price is $69.

6. SIX month guarantee -- If this doesn't improve your game then I insist you send this package back for a full and fast refund of your purchase price... no questions, no hassles.

Normally this package would cost you $305 -- but I'm letting it go (to my "hotlist" only), for just $99!
That my friend is a KILLER deal.

P.P.S. Don't forget now — Darrell Klassen's “Special Signature Series Offer” is only available to you for a limited time. So hurry.

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*Please understand that not everyone will experience these same results, the level of success attained depends on your abilities, skill level and actual time devoted to practicing the techniques.

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