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"It's the ONE secret ALL the pros know...
and now you will too!"

"How Does This 'Golf Wizard'
Quickly Force-Feed
Silky-Smooth EFFORTLESS Power
Into Rookie Students With
Almost ZERO Golf Skills?"

How? Well The Answer Is A Stunningly Simple 5-Step "Beauty Swing"…
That's Actually EASY To Do (Once You See How It's Done)...
Can Be Learned Quickly...

And Is 100% Guaranteed To Work For YOU!

This Is The ONE Secret To An Easy... Comfortable... Almost Lazy Power Swing
That's Loaded With Huge Payloads Of Raw "Wrecking-Ball" Power
And Astonishing Club-Head Speed
For Long... Gorgeous... Accurate Cannon-Shots!

Best Part… You Can Now Discover It All For FREE If You Want....

From: Doc O'Leary
Head Golf Nut OHP Golf

Golf nut Doc O'Leary here.

I'm here to tell you that your days of frustration and humiliation are over.

That's right, no more swinging like a wild chimpanzee, no more duffed 180-yard drives, and no more behind-the-back snickering while your ball slices off into the weeds. Because I've got the ONE golf secret that you'll need for an easy "smooth-as-silk" golf swing that's:

  1. Effortless - it's an almost LAZY looking swing...
  2. Gorgeous - the kind of precision "beauty swing" that has other golfers suddenly very nervous...
  3. Powerful - in fact loaded so much massive raw power and accuracy that you can't help but laugh out loud every time you tee-off (your friends will swear you've been sandbaggin' them).

This is the secret to how tour players... PGA Pros... and scratch golfers are so easily stroking 300+ yard drives - and making it look so easy.

If You're Not Excited About This --
You Should Be.

Because this is your secret to gliding through one beautiful drive after another... whisking fairways shots off the turf with professional "flow" and ease... and nailing every green with the kind of pinpoint accuracy that breaks hearts.

The best part is that - just like the tour players - it'll look like you're barely swinging at all. This is how you'll finally start looking, feeling and playing like a pro - without breaking a sweat.

Here's how you'll get there: You'll discover it all fast and without fuss in a new "Effortless Power" quick-learn DVD package by pro golf instructor Marc Miner.

You've probably already heard about Marc (maybe you saw that recent 2-page spread on him in Golf Illustrated?).

To say that he's becoming one of the most sought-after and highly paid hot-shot instructors on the planet is an understatement (to say the least). This guy's on FIRE right now - especially with the "rich and famous" crowd. They absolutely ADORE Marc (and prove it by throwing wads of cash at him) for turning them from embarrassed golf hacks to hot-shot players with a silky-smooth swing OVERNIGHT. It's why he's known in their little circle as the "golf wizard" -

Because Their Instant Results
Are Almost Magical.

Yeah... it's that powerful.

Fellow golf pros... big-wig CEOs... today's most visible actors... and golf lovers with bucks to pay, (or the "inside connections"), literally beg Marc for an hour of his time. Heck, even the author of "The Legend Of Bagger Vance" came to Marc for his expertise.

But things change - and after 15 years of teaching the "beautiful people" how to hit a golf ball with power and accuracy, (and look good doing it), Marc now wants to "get down in the trenches" with average golfers like you and me.

Call it "charity" work or whatever you want. I really don't care. Because when I heard Marc was willing to get on camera and give up his most treasured Effortless Power secrets to help regular Joes, I came running with bells on.

And I'm Damned Glad I Did Too.

Because I got it ALL. Everything. And it's absolutely astonishing.

Here's just a little about the FIVE advanced (yet simple) steps you'll discover:

  1. First... you'll learn exactly how to install a beauty swing using a handful of simple professional "tweeks". Easy stuff that doesn't require you to reinvent the wheel — or your swing. Marc shows you "instant feedback" tricks so that you'll quickly FEEL when you're doing it right (and when you're not) - just like having your own personal coach 24/7.
  2. Second... learn the simple method to releasing "wrecking ball" energy into the golf ball (called the "power dump" in pro circles), for huge power shots that don't require super size and strength. This is why a tour player can be shaped like a couch potato but still hit shots like a howitzer cannon. Now you can have that too - and the best part is you can learn it all immediately (it'll take you only a couple minutes and 3-4 balls), then take it to the course that same day.
  3. Third... discover how to create a "ropey" swing (mega-advanced) in just a few minutes. This trick is easy to nail down, but it's the key to making your power-swing look and feel "effortless". You'll suddenly be hitting awesome long shots with a pro "whip-swing" that looks oh-sooo easy.
  4. Next... Marc will show you the power tricks to "ball compression" by having you tap into your body's natural supply of raw energy. Because most beginners and hi-handicapped golfers are simply throwing away their body's most effective power source without even knowing it. Marc shows you how to "store" it up like a nuclear fuel rod - then use it to explode exactly when you need it. This is where you'll start getting scary-good.
  5. Finally... how to take your effortless swing to the course - which is where it really counts. This is where Marc really shines - and it's the main reason he's been voted "PGA So Cal Teacher of the Year" three separate times. Because he makes damn sure you're skills aren't left "hanging" on the driving range.

Look... hitting a bucket of range balls (which is all it'll take you to dial-in this effortless power swing), isn't the same as playing a round with heckling friends. Marc shows you how to shut `em up quick and take your golf buddies from stunned... to envious... to just plain ol' spooked. That's where this game gets fun.

And there's a lot more. Discover tons of step-by-step pro-tips and drills. Stuff like the simple method to consistently striking dead center on your club's "sweetspot" every single time... how you can use your shirt logo (of all things) for perfect alignment (yes, it's completely legal)... why 93% of the tour pros are lining up a certain way (yet almost NO high-handicappers are)... how picturing a construction crane in your mind's-eye will instantly cure you of major set-up problems... the immediate cure for topped and fat shots (this will shock the heck outta you because it's the exact opposite of what you'd think)... how to use simple gravity to dump energy out the end of the shaft into the ball (for easy "true speed")... and a LOT more. Way too much for me to cover here.

Now I understand if...

It Sounds Weird That 5 steps
Is The Key To Understanding ONE Secret.

But trust me, this is no wild goose chase. This is how Marc has taken hundreds of raw beginners and turned them into REAL golfers practically overnight.

Think of it like learning multiplication, fractions, algebra, calculus, and physics to finally understand Einstein's "Theory of Relativity". Well this is exactly the same — except a LOT faster, easier, and with no math homework.

Okay... start nailing down these five steps - which will happen FAST - and you'll be hit upside the head with a huge "ah-ha" experience. It's a beautiful thing to finally "get" the one secret to effortless power.

What's even better is that this'll work for any golfer - tall, short, skinny, heavy, young and old, big hands or small hands. With over 15,000 paid personal lessons under his belt, Marc has expertly broken down his 5-steps to fit smoothly into ANYONE's swing.

Okay... here's how you can get your hands on this now:

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Click on the button and use your credit card. The purchase price of this DVD package is just $69.

If you'd rather talk to a live person, you can call my office at: 1-888-665-6961 and tell whoever answers you want to check out "Marc's Effortless Power Package". Again... you can use your credit card. If you want to pay by check or money order, simply make it out to OHP for a total of $76 ($69 + $7 S&H) and send it to me at: OHP Direct, Dept. EF-605, 606 E. Acequia Ave., Visalia, CA 93292.

Anyway... no matter how you order, we'll get you your package fast.

But you don't risk a penny because I'm covering everything with my own checkbook, meaning that I'm giving you a...

100% Money-Back Unconditional Guarantee
Good For One Full YEAR!

One year!

Just order the package… check it out for yourself… and take a full year to see what it does for you on the course. If you don't feel Marc's instruction works for you for whatever reason, no problem. Just send the package back and I'll refund all of your purchase price fast and with no questions asked.

This is just like being able to see it all FREE if you choose. As one of my "e-Hot List" guys I completely trust your judgment.

But this deal has "limits": Like I said, Marc is willing to help out us "little guys", but he sure doesn't want to tick-off his "bread and butter" crowd who've already paid big money to learn this. Obviously he'd be shooting himself in the foot. So here's what I agreed to:

  1. This package is ONLY available to my most favored "e-hotlist" clients, which I'm happy to say you're one of.
  2. You'll NEVER see this offer in any major golf publications. In fact, it's unlikely you'll ever see this deal again.
  3. I've also agreed to create just 188 packages — which is just enough to cover my e-hotlist. I'll hang onto your package for 3 days. After that, this webpage will be "deleted" off my site and I'll pass your package to the next e-hotlist guy down the line.

Okay, this may seem a little strict, but it's what I had to agree on if I wanted Marc spilling his guts on camera. I'm sure you understand. Marc insisted on it.

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So you'll want to do this now: Don't set this letter down and think about it because it'll almost certainly mean you'll lose out on this limited offer. Everything's covered with my ONE YEAR guarantee, so you've got no reason not to call.

But do it now, because 3 days is not much time.

Finally start looking and feeling like this game is a part of you. Because there's nothing quite like stepping off the tee-box and telling you're buddies to "close their mouths" as they watch another one sail straight down the middle. This is gonna be fun. You're going to LOVE your new effortless swing.



P.S. Oh... wait a minute... almost forgot — there's also a FREE bonus for you in this package. I call it "Marc's Mini Bootcamp Lesson" and it's powerful stuff. Why? Because you'll learn it all first then SEE it work in the "real world" with live students. Discover the secrets of the "Hitting Zone" (and how live students learn to "dump" power into the ball for monster drives)... tricks to utilizing the whole tee-box to avoid rookie "course management" mistakes... how to tee up the ball so that you're taking 100% advantage of the course design... the secrets to teeing it up for fades, draws and expertly shaped shots... and a LOT more.

This bonus is packed with all kinds of critical information that'll keep you out of trouble and in the gold. It's nearly an HOUR long and is yours FREE - a gift from me to you for taking the time to check out Marc's "Effortless Power" package.

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P.P.S. Okay... let's recap. Call 1-888-665-6961 right now and ask for "Marc's Effortless Power package". You'll be rushed nearly two hours of intensive instruction that'll quickly show you exactly how to get a professional "beauty swing" that's packed with power. I'll also include in your package that cool hour-long "Mini Bootcamp" student footage (yours to keep FREE)... PLUS a ONE YEAR guarantee. It's a generous deal, but this package is ONLY available to my e-hotlist and ONLY for the next 3 days. So hurry, okay?

P.P.P.S. One more thing...listen to what fellow golfers and other big-shots are saying about Marc Minier:

"Marc, simply eliminates the B.S. in golf and boils it down to the "core" fundamentals, without trying to make you swing somebody else's swing. You have helped me find my Authentic Swing." — Steven Pressfield, Author of "The Legend Of Bagger Vance".

"I began working with Marc in high school and immediately learned the importance of the 'Hitting Zone Area' in the golf swing. Marc showed me how to 'dump' the club correctly and hitting the ball solid would take care of itself...I won the 2005 mid-Amateur Championship and was invited to play in the 2006 'Masters' what an experience, I played practice rounds with Tiger Woods, Mark O'Meara, Tom Lehman and Fred Funk to name a few, Wow! I don't hit ball everyday or get to play 5 times a week, but when I do play I know it's about solid impact, good posture, making a good turn and letting it go. Thanks, Marc for your years of solid teaching." — Kevin Marsh, 2005 Mid-Amateur Champion (played in 2006, masters).

"You have answered many questions with your DVD. All my unnecessary swing thoughts have somehow suddenly disappeared, so my drives and iron shots are much more solid. My best rounds have always been when my short-game works, having practiced your chip shot I am now able to put the correct pressure into the ball...I `m now having the opportunity to work the ball on the course." — Hannington Goldin, Boeing 737 airline pilot.

"Thanks Marc, your explanation of the golf swing has been most productive for me. I'm 68 and started golfing again 3 years ago, after a lay-off of over 20 years, talk about difficult...I now focus on hitting down into the ball, although it feels like the club just drops and powers through on its' own. The ball is hit cleanly at the target with 'little' effort - I now know what it should feel like. Thanks again Marc, your efforts are appreciated." — Darrell Perkins, Certified Golf Nut.

"I've bought your previous instructional videos and love them. I am a high school golf coach and am always looking for the best ways to teach my kids how to play good golf. Thanks, Marc for your clear explanation." — Jack Duquette, Maryland.

"I could never put any spin on the ball before, now I can. I hit two greenside Lob wedges, knocking them within 2 feet of the hole. My iron shots were crisp, high and long. Thanks! I love your relaxed style." —Paul Matz, Chicago, Illinois.

"Wow! I'm Blasting Tee-shots longer now, 280-305 yards consistently and super-accurate. It's easy, with one simple little thought...Ropy arms that run out of gas at the ball, that's it...thank you, thank you Marc. My playing partners cannot figure it out, oh well." —Lee Noble, Intermediate Golfer.

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